Predact Aqua


Aquaculture yields in India have remained modest so far as there isn’t a prevalent use of integrated systems that measure the fundamental parameters of water in an automated fashion. At present most of the farmers and shrimping companies rely on periodic manual measurements and analysis. This approach has many disadvantages as the fundamental parameters in water don’t keep changing periodically. Rather the rate of change and magnitude of change is erratic and difficult to predict as it is caused due to various reasons.

Our IoT based solution PredAct AQUA helps in continuous real-time monitoring of fundamental water parameters like Temperature, chemical oxygen demand, biological oxygen demand, Ph levels in the water, amount of dissolved nitrates in the water, and also turbidity. The systems are rule-based and can be configured to activate any appliance like the aerators, feeders, Ph dispensers, etc based on the set rules.  


Aqua culture in extensive, intensive and hyper intensive aqua farms.

Agriculture: Real time monitoring for high yield precision agriculture and in hygrophony

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