Predact SM4.0


Production downtime is a costly affair that leads to loss of revenue, fulfillment slippage, backlogs, and most important of all trust deficit with patrons. The usual practice to avoid such disasters is preventive maintenance which is done periodically.

Though preventive maintenance is scheduled it involves costs, time, and mundane checklist-based replacement of components and controls (Irrespective of their status). While in some cases this effort might be worth the cost and benefits, but it is not true in all cases. This dilemma can be overcome by our PREDACT SM4.0.

PREDACT SM4.0 improves operational reliability, product quality, and safety while reducing maintenance costs with machine learning and AI-enabled predictive and prescriptive insights. It provides real-time and historical insight into asset health, diagnoses root causes of failures, detects anomalies, and gets early warnings of conditions out of tolerance. Also, it enables intelligent scheduling, thereby reducing breakdowns and asset damage, and optimizing parts and tooling replacement processes.


Railways is a critical industry which forms the backbone of the country. It is a maintenance intensive and time constrained environment where constant monitoring and timely upkeep is mandatory to keep the trains running on-time and safely.

Predact RAIL is a complete solution bundling IoT, AI and a strong ML platform to monitor the condition of railway tracks and predict possible failures, when and where they will occur, well in advance. This intelligence gives the maintenance teams adequate time to rectify the defects, thereby ensuring the safety of the passangers and avoiding costly down-time.


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